demyan_portraitAlex Demyan is a full time free lance photographer specializing in travel
photography of Louisiana,  the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and New Orleans photography.
Since becoming a full time professional in 1998, he has had thousands of photographs
published covering every Louisiana parish.

In addition, His work for government Agencies such as the La. Office of State Parks,
La. Office of Tourism, and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation,
has produced a significant library of photography that will continue to promote tourism
in Louisiana for years to come.

The focus of his career as a strictly editorial photographer was changed nearly overnight
by two great tectonic shifts – The digital camera and Hurricane Katrina.
The decline in New Orleans  tourism and conventions  after  Katrina collapsed the demand
for both stock  and editorial services. Digital Photography likewise put into motion
market forces that threatened the  careers of many editorial photographers,
but  also bore the seeds of Demyan’s  rebirth as a Fine Art Photographer.

Today he produces photographs destined more for the frame and less the printed page.
Software and an imagination unbounded by the strict limits of the editorial world have allowed
Demyan to take his photography to a new dimension that is still believable and true to his roots
as a traditional photographer.

Since Katrina, Demyan has managed to survive as a full-time photographer thanks to the popularity of his fine art prints, which are displayed
in homes and businesses throughout the world.

Career Highlights

Gallery Desire  638 Royal Street (current)
featured artist

Royal House Gallery 813 Royal Street (current)
featured artist

Art Unlimited  Royal Street (2006 – 2016)
16,000+ pieces sold

New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corp. (2002-present)
Job Description: Produce Stock Photography for promotion of New Orleans Tourism.
Comments: 100+ photos sold to date
Reference: jeremy Cooker, Marketing Director NOTMC (504) 524-4784

Fannie Mae Corporation (2007-present)
Job description: Photograph progress of various rebuilding projects In La. and Ms.
Comments : 100+ model releases obtained
Reference: Beth Bergere (202) 270 9000

Harrison County Tourism Commission   (2003-2004)
Job Description: Photograph main tourist destinations along the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Photos to include real people, model released
Provide HCTC with 111 color transparencies + 300dpi scans on CD-ROM
Comments: 148 model releases obtained
Reference: Misty Velasquez, Director of Marketing HCTC (228) 896-6699 x211

Louisiana Office of State Parks  (Feb.-June 2000)
Job Description: Photograph 17 State Parks, 15 Historic Sites, and the State Arboretum for promotional use of the Office of State Parks.
Provide 36 color slides per site + 300dpi scans on CD-Rom.
Photos to include model-released park users and/or employees as specified in punch lists.
Comments: 7000+ miles traveled , 6984 color transparencies shot , 800+ model releases obtained
Reference: Bo Boehringer, Communications Director La. Office of State Parks (225) 342-2443

Louisiana Office of Tourism  (Nov. 2001)
Job Description:  Produce photographs from list of 12 travel destinations featuring locations + available people as models.
Comments: 77 model releases obtained
Reference: Kendall Lamar, Art Director Peter A. Mayer Advertising, New Orleans (504)581-7191

Hancock Bank (Feb. 1999 )
Job Description: Photograph all 125 official Louisiana Historical sites located in the Parishes served by
the Hancock Bank.
Reference: Adventure Communications, Gulfport,  Jim Miller , Owner (601) 864-3472

Insight Guides  (Feb.-April 1997 )
Job Description: 600+ item shot list for New Orleans Tour Guides
Comments: 350 published photos for three books:
Insight Guide to New Orleans
Insight Pocket Guide to New Orleans
Insight Compact Guide to New Orleans
Reference: Insight Guides,  London, England , Martha Ellen Zenfell, Managing Editor (44 171) 403 0290

New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corp. (1997)
Job Description: Sole Photographer- 1997 New Orleans Good Times Guide
Reference: Montgomery, Stire & Partners Stephen Waring, Production Manager (504)525-6789

CREDITS : Magazines :AAA Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Southern California; American Photo, Drive America, Family Fun, Gourmet, Guideposts, Louisiana Conservationist, Living Bird, Endless Vacation, Budget Travel, Destinations (1 cover), Courier (1 cover), Westways, Endless Vacation, America West Airlines, Louisiana Life (1 cover), National Geo for Kids, New Orleans Magazine (2 covers), Peterson’s Photographic, Popular Photography, Spirits & Cocktails, Travel Holiday, Tulane Magazine. Where ( 7 covers). Book Publishers :Farcountry Publishing ( sole photographer – New Orleans Impressions),  APA Publications (sole photographer- Insight Compact Guide to New Orleans, Insight Pocket Guide to New Orleans, contributing photographer – Insight Guide – Alaska, Insight Guide – New Orleans, Harcourt, Lerner Publications Port of New Orleans (cover). New Orleans Good Times Guide (sole photographer), Louisiana Tour Guide , Prentice Hall/Pearson–3 Text Covers, Scott Foresman. Calendars: BrownTrout (sole Photographer – New Orleans 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, ) , Hancock Bank (Back Roads and Bayous) , Par Excellence,Teldon, Terrel, Greenpeace, Disabled American Veterans. Advertising / Corporate: Adventure Communications, Fannie Mae Corp., Hancock Bank,Hyatt Regency Hotel, Jefferson Parish Public Schools. Leblanc & Schuster Public Relations, Louisiana Office of State Parks, MC Media, Montgomery, Stire & Partners, New Orleans Tourism & Marketing Corporation, New Orleans Publishing Group, Peter Mayer Advertising, Harry’s Ace Hardware